How much do you spend on your cell phone bill? Do you get shocked whenever you received your monthly bill? Cell phone usage  is one of the major monthly expense so you should know there are ways to cut your bill. Let me show you some useful tips on how you can do it:

Use Wi-Fi When Available – Why will you pay for data usage if you can get connected for free? Many public places now offers free wireless connection. Make sure to download or stream podcasts, music or movies when you are connected on Wi-Fi, not via mobile data usage. You should know that data charges spikes up your monthly cell phone bill, so you should be smart enough not to use data consuming applications while using your mobile data.

Limit Your Background Data Use – As mentioned above, data usage spikes up your mobile phone bill. Some applications still uses mobile data connection while on background, not to mention the draining of your battery. In order to trace this applications, what you can do is go the Cellular Data Usage and Background App Refresh and turn off the applications you do not wish to use the data on background. You can always turn them on whenever you need to use the app again.

Skip the Insurance – There is a insurance option for your phone which is very costly for consumers and  usually adds up on your monthly bill. What you can do instead of paying the insurance, you can just save it up in case you will need to use it, let’s say you need to get a back up phone or even use it on other emergency situations.

Sign Up for Automated Payments or Paperless Billing – With an automatic payment plan, the monthly bill is recurrently charged to your credit card or debited from your checking account on a pre-set date every month without you having to do a thing, not to mention how convenient and time saving it would be. It also helps you save some bucks since you don’t have to pay anything extra such as transportation or gas for trips.

Check for Employer Discount – Some companies offers employer discount benefits. I suggest you check with your company if they offer corporate discount, if it is the case, you can also confirm if you can get reimbursement for the work-related phone usage.

Avail No-Contract Phones – Major cell phone companies often offers two-year contract for their consumers to buy their phone. This contracts are usually bounded by huge cancellation fee if you’ll switch to a different carrier. To avoid getting locked up with this contracts, what you can do it basically get a no-contract phone wherein you might need to pay upfront, not just you will not be bounded by contract but also save up some money since you will not be paying on  a monthly basis. You can get no-contract phones at Boost Mobile. You can just bring in the money you need to pay for and hola! got a phone without locking yourself on an expensive contract.

Keep Your Phone Longer – Is your phone still working? Yes? Then don’t get a new one. A basic tip to save up from your cell phone monthly bill. Getting a new model of phone will only cause you a higher monthly payment = higher monthly bill! As long as your phone still does the job, I don’t see any reason why you should get a new one. Remember there will always be new phone coming out daily, don’t get tempted. The longer you keep your phone, the more money you can save.

Check your Mobile Plan – The key for this tip is make sure to review your monthly bill, take a look at the break down carefully. If you see charges or subscriptions you don’t need, feel free to cancel or switch your plan. There are a number of cell phone plans available today which offer additional extras for absolutely free. Check out some plans below for unlimited data and unlimited national call&text, also with no-contract lock down.:

  • Sprint Unlimited Plan  Free for 1 Year – You can get the Unlimited plan FREE for 1 year when you switch. This plan only cost $0/mo + $12.99 upfront.
  • Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan – You can also avail the Unlimited plan for only $25/mo+ $30 upfront.
  • T-Mobile Essentials – You can get this plan for only $60/mo + $25 upfront.
  • Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan – Avail this plan only $60/mo + $30 upfront.

Negotiate a Better Price – Negotiation is the key. The idea of negotiating can be intimidating but I will give you a  pro tip – you must stay calm, pleasant and friendly when you ask for a better deal, the salesperson will be much more likely to want to help you out. You can talk to your salesperson to finds ways on how you can lower the price such as loyalty discount or such. You also check if the carrier can match the price you got from other provider. Remember, asking does not hurt.

Be Careful with International Calls – You should know that international calls spikes up your bill. With the fast growing technology, you can now make calls using different applications esp. Face Time, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more over Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is unavailable and you urgently need to make a call, make sure to check the international calling plans your carrier is offering to see which works the best for you.

Look into Prepaid Carriers – If you have tried everything to lower your monthly phone bill but it still does not work. It might be the best time to look for a prepaid carrier. Find time to look around for better deals. The key is a proper research. Make sure to know everything you need to know about the carrier, their offers and also a tip, check for consumer review. Please note prepaid carrier allows you to pay for only what you use, also requires you to pay the amount upfront. Check out these cell phone plans that offer less data each month—these plans will likely cost less also.

  • Sprint Unlimited Plan  Free for 1 Year – You can get the Unlimited plan FREE for 1 year when you switch. For only $0/mo + $12.99 Upfront. You will get:
    • Unlimited Data 
    • Unlimited National Talk & Text
    • No Contract
  • Mint Mobile 3 Month Plan – For only $20/mo you will get:
    • 5GB Full Speed Data
    • Unlimited National Talk & Text
    • No Contract
  • Straight Talk Phone Plan – You can also check out the prepaid plans from Straight Talk which offers a variety of unlimited data usage plus call and texts ranging from only $30 to $60 depending on the plan that suits your needs.
  • Boost Mobile Boost Mobile also offers prepaid plans ranging from $35 to $80 depending on the services you will need. You can get a $35/mo plan with Data, Talk & Text with 3 Gigs 4G LTE.

Now that you got the tips, lowering your cell phone bill is now easier than ever. You can now use the money you saved up on achieving your future goals faster!